The Surroundings

There are different lakes for swimming and boating. In Welzheim, it is 15 min drive by car, is a Outdoor museum of the old Romans and their boarder. Also is there a wood mill hike with different wood mills.

Recommend to visit

Murrhardt: the old chapel of Waldrich and the Carl Schweizer museum; Gaildorf: Schenkerspalace; Lorch: the old monastery; Schwäbisch Gmünd: Johannischurch, market place; Swabian Alb: castel´s, caves, juniper heath; Welzheim: open air museum of the old roman's boarder line. These places are all within reach by car or bus.


The city of Murrhardt:

is 290 - 540 meters over the sea level and has aprox. 14.000 inhabitants with the nice suburb's Fornsbach and Kirchenkirnberg.

Good marked hiking path's going true original wood's and quiet valley's to the high of the Welzheimer forest and to the Limpurger Mountains.